About Me


At any given point in our lives, whether we are young or old, we encounter problems and challenges that we might need help with. My desire as a clinician is to help you through these challenging times. I firmly believe in and am passionate about helping people. I believe that everyone has the power to change.  I would like to help you in this process. I provide counseling to adults, couples and families.



My clinical focus is in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness and Strength based therapy. Each of these therapy modalities will help you work towards positive change and to bring balance back into your life. I treat each person in a caring, respectful and enthusiastic manner. I look forward to meeting and working with you.

I have had the privilege of counseling and guiding English/Spanish Speaking patients for over 25 years. I am familiar with the struggles of the Latino immigrant, such as trying to raise a family and make a life for yourselves in an unfamiliar culture.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker in RI
Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Massachusetts/118563


I earned my Master Degree in Clinical Social Worker from Boston University in 1994.
I am retired from the U.S. Army Reserves
Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Rhode Island--ISW01538
Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Massachusetts--­­118563