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Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is geared to helping you bring balance back into your life. Many times the stress of work, illness, life changes or the unexpected can make us feel depressed and anxious; making it difficult to make decisions.  My goal is to provide a safe environment for us to explore the best way to deal with these situations. 

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Assisting couples to improve their relationships by working on effective communication

Couples Counseling

Communication is key to having a good relationship, however most of us can have difficulty expressing ourselves when there is conflict. We get caught up in expressing our own emotions and instead of working together on ways to resolve the conflict. When we communicate towards the goal of conflict resolution and get to solve problems, then each person is able to express their emotions about the situation in way that is less emotionally charged. My goal is to help you identify your  emotions, finds ways to compromise, set appropriate boundaries with others and then get to express all of the emotions with each other. 

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Family Counseling

Families are now more complex than ever. It is very challenging dealing with many different dynamics. My goal is to help you find effective ways to communicate and bring calm back to your household. 

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